Subtitles for Episode 22 – Birthday Surprise

老伴, 今天天气多好啊
Darling, what a fine day it is today


Today is April 16

4月16号, 你没觉得是个重要的日子吗
Don’t think April 16 is an important date?

Now I remembered.

Now you remembered?

我怕他忘了啊 都记在台历上了
I was afraid he’d forget it, so I wrote it down on the calendar.

老伴, 咱们结婚那么久啊,你今天最最帅
Darling, you look more handsome today than ever before after our marriage.

啊 16号你记的是给老王家狗打疫苗
Ah, the 16th you wrote down is the inoculation day for Lao Wang’s dog?

Is that an important date for you?

对呀 这老王啊非要拉我陪他一起去 我得赶紧走了啊
Yes, Lao Wang insisted I go with him, I have hurry to go now.

Old man!

臭老头 气死我了
The silly old man pissed me off!

妈 跟您商量个事儿呗
Mom, I need your advice about something.

有事儿就吩咐吧 商量什么呀 我在这家又不重要
Just tell me what to do. You don’t have to ask me for advice. I’m nobody in this family.

谁说的 您在咱们家人心目当中最重要了
Who says so? You’re most important in the heart of everyone of our family.

Just say it if you have something to say.

那个也没什么事儿 就是关于过生日
Nothing important, it’s about the birthday.

About the birthday?


You still remember it?

How can I forget it?

我就想吧 跟您商量商量 您看这样行不行 就是咱们全家人啊到游乐场去玩一趟
I was just thinking that I should seek your advice, I don’t know if it is feasible for the whole family take a trip to the amusement park.


坐坐那个过山车 “呜”
And take a ride on the roller-coaster

不行 我恐高
No way, I have acrophobia.

那您就在下边看看就行了 我跟乐乐上去
You may just look up down there. I and Le Le will ride it.

Whose birthday is it?

乐乐啊 怎么了
Le Le’s birthday, Why you ask?

Aren’t there still several months to go before his birthday?

哦 是这么着 这孩子吧他心急 一天到晚缠着我 我就想把这事儿早点儿定下来
Yes. The fact is that the anxious kid just keeps pestering me all day long. So I wanted to settle this matter the earlier, the better.

妈 妈 您怎么不说话了 我就想征求一下您老人家的意见
Mom, why don’t you say a word? I just want to seek your advice.

I have no advice to offer.

妈 妈 您看这衣服好不好看啊
Mom, do you think this dress is beautiful?

哎呀 这裙子多漂亮啊 还是我的小儿子疼我
Wow, this skirt is so pretty! It is my younger son who cares most for me.

哎 可能我穿有点儿瘦 你看
Oh, It might be a bit too tight for me to wear.

Of course it’s too tight for you. But how slender Xiao Jing’s waist is!

You bought it for Xiao Jing?


Why did you give it to me?

不,妈 当时买的时候就剩这么一条了 裙摆这儿有点开线 你帮忙缝缝 缝缝 谢谢 谢谢妈
No, Mom. It was the only one available foe me at the moment. There is some loose thread at the lower hem of the skirt. Can you sew it up for me? Thank you, Mom.

今天 天气 多 好 啊! Jin tian tian qi duo hao a!
What a fine day it is today!



In Chinese, when you give an opinion on someone or something you may say: “duo…a!”

This sentence pattern expresses a high degree of intensity.

在这类句式中”多”和”啊” 的中间一般是形容词 比如 “多好啊” “多冷啊” 等等
In this sentence pattern, the word between “duo” and “a” is often an adjective. Examples: “How nice it is!” “How cold it is”

有时也可以是一些表示心理活动的动词 比如 我多想现在就能回家啊
Sometimes, the word can also be a verb expressing a feeling. Example: “How I wish I could go home now!”


小伟 你回来了
Xiaowei, you’re back.

苏珊 你在听什么呢
Susan, what are you listening to?

我在听京剧 你听 多好听啊
I’m listening to Perking Opera. Listen, how beautiful it is!

苏珊 我觉得你好是别听了 等我们都不在的时候 你再一个人听
Susan, you’d better not listen to it now. When we’re not home, you may listen to it alone.

Why not?

因为 噢 不为什么
Because… Oh, forget it.


麦苗 你看 这些人冬天还正河里游泳 多冷啊
Mai Miao, look, those people are still swimming in the river in this cold winter. How cold it must be!

这叫冬泳 据说对身体很有好处
It is called winter swimming. It’s said to be good for health.

是吗 那咱们也一起练练冬泳吧
Really? How about practicing winter-swimming together?

要练你自己练吧 我怕冷
You’d better practice it yourself. I’m afraid of the cold.

But it wouldn’t be fun for me to practice it alone!

要不你去问问小伟 看他愿意不愿意跟你一起练
You may just as well go ask Xiaowei if he would like to practice it with you.

好 我现在就去问他
Okay, I’m going to ask him right away.


妈 今天天气特别好 我带乐乐出去玩儿 中午饭就拜托您了啊
Mom, It’s really a fine day today. I’m taking Le Le out to play. Remember we’ll be back for lunch when you cook.

奶奶 我中午饭的时候要吃饺子
Granny, I want to eat jiaozi for lunch.

妈 我也走了 别忘了帮我补裙子
Mom, I’m going out, too. Don’t forget to mend the skirt for me.

净把人家当佣人了 佣人也要过生日 我就是要过 一群没良心渣儿 一群没良心渣儿
Everyone treats me like a servant. But even a servant has to have a birthday! I’ll celebrate it myself! A bunch of conscienceless dregs! A bunch of conscienceless dregs!

Hi, Aunt!

哎 怎么了 生气了
Hey, why are you angry?

Today is my birthday.


But none of them remembers it.

Then how do you want to celebrate it?

我这一辈子净给老公和儿子过 我什么时候潇洒过
I’ve always made arrangements for the birthdays of my husband and my sons. Have I ever had a good time for myself?

我认为 你们中国老太太只知道照顾家里人 哎 您应该像我们美国的老太太
I think Chinese older women only know how to look after their families. Oh, you should emulate our American older women.

好 今天我什么也不管了 什么洗衣服 什么做饭 走 咱俩去外面大吃一顿
Good, today I won’t take care of anything. No washing and no cooking. Let’s go and eat a big meal for ourselves.

对 今天要潇洒 走吧
Yeah, let’s have a good time. Let’s go.

走 哎 等等 我还是给他们留个条吧
Let’s go. Oh, wait a moment. I’ve to leave them a note.


Hi, Xiaoyong


The menu, please!


来 看看吃点儿什么
Come on, what do you want to eat?

You decide

哎 这页全要
Okay. All the dishes on this page!

苏珊 多了多了
Susan, that’d be too much.

舍不得吗 你不是向美国老太太学习吗 花钱要花得潇洒
You don’t bear to part with your money? Don’t you want to emulate the American older women? You shouldn’t spend so grudgingly.

老伴 我回来了 饭做好了没有啊 哎哟 我可是饿坏啦 哎 人呢
Old woman, I’m back. Have you cooked lunch yet? Oh, I’m so hungry! Hey, where’s she?

哎呀 回来啦
Oh, we’re back.

Granny, I’m back.


She isn’t home.

不是 爸爸 我们中午都商量好了 说一块吃饺子的
Not likely, Dad. I talked about lunch with Mom. We’d eat jiaozi together.

这饭也没做呀 不知道跑哪儿去了这是
But no one cooked lunch yet. Where could she be?

妈 我回来了 裙子补好了吗
Mom, I’m back. Have you mended the skirt?

嘿嘿 肖静看了一定会高兴
Hey, Xiao Jing must be very pleased to see it.

Oh, it hasn’t been mended yet!

这老婆子 这搞什么鬼呀这是
The old woman! What trick is the playing?

爷爷 这儿有封信
Grandpa, there’s a letter here.

Your mom wrote it.

嗨 大家好 我自己出去吃饭了
Hey, “Hello everyone, I’m out to eat.”

今天是你的生日 要浪漫一点
Today is your birthday. You should be a bit more romantic.

乐乐对不起 奶奶没给你包饺子
“Le Le, I’m sorry. Granny didn’t make jiaozi for you”

大伟 你别总等着吃现成的 你要是自己没长手 就脏死算了
Dawei, don’t always wait for someone to cook for you. If you had no hands, you better remain dirty forever.

还有啊 怎么样 今天感觉很不一样吧 你们一定想问为什么
Well, do you all feel any different today? And you want to know why?

世界上最美丽的老太太 祝你生日快乐
The most beautiful old woman in the world, I wish you a happy birthday!

Mom’s birthday!

哎哟 我们记性太差了
Oh, our memories are so poor!

我怎么能忘了老伴的生日呢 倒把狗打针这事儿给记在日历上了
How could I have forgotten her birthday? Instead I noted down the dog’s inoculation on the calendar!

还有我 我还是长子呢 光想着记着自己儿子的生日 把我妈妈的生日给忘了
I’m also to blame as the oldest son. All I remembered was my son’s birthday, and I even forgot my mom’s birthday.

我小时候妈妈最疼我了 现在媳妇还没娶呢 把妈妈给忘了
In my childhood, Mom loved me best. Now I haven’t married yet, but I’ve forgotten my own mom.



好啦好啦 别在忏悔录 忏悔也没用 赶紧想想 有什么办法没有
Now, now, don’t repent anymore. It’s no use repenting afterward. Hurry to think of a remedy.

我们马上动手 给妈妈做一顿丰盛的生日晚餐
Let’s get started to make Mom a birthday feast.


我负责买菜 炒菜
I’m responsible for buying groceries and cook.

I’m responsible for tidying up the rooms.

I’m responsible for blowing up the balloons.

I’m responsible for supervising you guys.


As well as for looking after the kid.

这样 我们一定要抢在妈妈回来之前把所有的东西都准备好 给她一个 surprise
This way we’ll be able to get everything ready before Mom is back. Let’s give her a surprise.

好 什么意思
Terrific! A surprise! What does it mean?

A surprise!


我们记性太差了 Wo men ji xing tai cha le
How poor my memory is!

在汉语中 除了动词 形容词 名词等 可以做谓语以外 主谓短语也可以做谓语
In Chinese, in addition to verbs adjectives and nouns, a subject-predicate phrase can also serve as a predicate.

The person or thing that functions as the subject of the subject-predicate is ofteh related to the subject of the whole sentence.

比如 小勇的爷爷身体很好 大伟最近工作很忙
For example, Xiaoyong’s grandfather is in good health. Dawei is very busy lately.


老唐 咱们都转了半天了 我也累了 你就随便买一件吧
Lao Tang, we’ve strolled around for a long time. I’m so tired. I don’t care whatever style you buy.

衣服怎么能随便买呢 老李 你别急 再陪我看看
How could I nuy whatever style without choice? Lao Li, no rush. Let’s have another look.

哎 你看 这件怎么样
Eh, look, what do you think of this one?

我觉得挺好 你再试试吧
I think it’s pretty good. Try it on.

不错 就买这件吧
Not bad, just take it, okay?

我觉得 这件衣服样子还可以 可是颜色我不太喜欢 走 咱们再去别的地方看看
I think It’s not bad in style, but I don’t like the color. Let’s go and take a look somewhere else.

哎哟 你要累死我呀
Oh, you want to wear me out!


小勇 你再等一会儿 麦苗应该就快回来了 来 喝点茶
Xiaoyong, you’d better wait a moment. Mai Miao should come soon. Come and drink some tea.

谢谢阿姨 阿姨 您和叔叔最近身体怎么样
Thanks, Aunt. How are you and Uncle recently?

我们身体都挺好的 小勇 你的饭馆生意最近也不错吧
We’re both pretty well. Xiaoyong, is your restaurant business also doing well?

Not bad.

Your meat buns taste very good.

你喜欢吃 我明天再给您送点儿过来
If you like, I’ll send some over tomorrow.

不用 不用
No, it’s unnecessary.


爸 妈妈怎么还不回来 这饭菜都快凉了
Dad, why hasn’t Mom been back? The food is getting cold.

小伟 给你妈打电话
Xiaowei, give your mom a call.

我都打了一百多遍了 关机
I’ve called her over a hundred times. But her phone is shut off.

Where on earth is this old woman having a good time?

坏了 妈妈会不会因为咱们把她的生日给忘了 不回来啦
Dear, could it be possible that Mom refuses to come home just because we forgot her birthday?

哎 爸 我刚看完新闻 那新闻上 这个有老两口吵架 老太太一气之下就离家出走了
Eh, Dad, I just watched the news on TV. That story was about a quarreling old couple. Greatly infuriated, that old lady left home for good.

别胡说 你瞧你们俩这当儿子的 一点都不孝顺 妈妈的生日都记不住
Stop your nonsense! Look, you two sons know nothing about filial duties. You didn’t even remember your mom’s birthday!

爸 你还说我们 您都跟我妈一起四十多年了 您不也没记得嘛
Dad, don’t just criticize us. You’ve lived with Mom for over 40 years, but did you remember it?

Right, did you?

Just because of you!

Because of me?

得得得 都别吵 妈妈回来了 赶紧站对
Now, now, don’t quarrel anymore. Mom is back. Hurry to line up!

Happy Birthday to you!




苏珊 这是怎么回事儿啊
Susan, what’s all this about?

对不起 我带着舅妈去饭店过生日
I’m sorry. I took Aunt to celebrate her birthday in a restaurant

我今天当了一回美国老太太 爽
Today I acted like a American old woman.

哎 妈 您不能喝酒啊
Hey, Mom, you don’t drink!

哟 你今天怎么这么帅啊小伟
Oh, you look so handsome today, Xiaowei!


我才是小伟 他是大伟
I’m Xiaowei here, he’s Dawei!

啊 哟 这是谁家的孩子呀
Aha, what? Whose son is he?

His face looks like a gourd!

I’m your old man!

哦 乐乐啊 怎么一会儿不见长一脸胡子哟
Eh, Le Le, I haven’t seen you for only a moment, but when have you grown a beard?

Okay, okay

哎呀 奶奶 我才是您孙子乐乐呢
Oh, Granny, I’m truly your grandson Le Le!

啊 怎么一会儿就变小了 老伴儿
Eh, why have you grown so small in just a moment, old man?


It’s all a mess

她算是酒足饭饱了 都喝成这模样了
She has surely dined and wined to satiety. She had drunk like this!

苏珊 上菜
Susan, serve the food.

来啦 请你们品尝
Okay, please enjoy yourselves.

Meat pies!

哇 酱牛肉
Wow, sauced beef!

哇 海鲜汤 哇
Wow, seafood soup!

哇 今天舅妈根本没吃 她舍不得吃 全部给你们带回来了
Wow, Aunt didn’t eat anything all. She didn’t bear to eat any. So we brought back all the food here.

哇 老太婆 你是装的
Wow, old woman, you pretended to be drunk!


Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Grandma!

Happy Birthday to you!