Welcome to the Happy Chinese TV blog!

This site was born out of my fascination with the most excellent Happy Chinese – Season 1 Daily Life Chinese TV show. It is a highly entertaining way to learn Chinese vocabulary and grammar, and get listening practice from native speakers in conversational situations.

Although this show contains elements targeted at language learners of all levels, it fills a very narrow but real need for educational materials at an intermediate to advanced level. If your listening comprehension is 40-70%, or if you get even just a little bit intimidated when confronted with a big block of hanzi, this TV show (and this site) are for you.

The Happy Chinese TV blog was a work in progress at the time of launch, but it’s mostly complete now. Episode guide templates are up for all 116 episodes. I’ve also completed the arduous process of compiling transcripts of the subtitles which should make a very useful learning tool. Then even the most serious student can watch the show for fun, knowing that any unfamiliar concepts can be quickly searched when done. Subtitles for all 116 episodes are also complete.

There seems to be a diffuse but passionate band of Happy Chinese fans out there. I’ve seen your comments on Youtube, Reddit and other sites while researching material for the Happy Chinese TV blog. Perhaps this also can be a place for the show to be discussed and enjoyed together by its best fans. Check out the About page for ways you can help.

This site is dedicated to your language learning success. Have fun!